Sunday, 9 August 2009

Wave of suicide sweeps China's graduate class

The aftermath of the Beslan school massacre

Sri Lanka
Fear of being "disciplined" by school led to suicide

Schoolboy convicted of racist harassment causing a 14-year-old classmate to attempt suicide
Bully made me suicidal
Forced from school by bullies
Suicide girl was bullied
School abuse: men quizzed

Two quizzed in school sex abuse inquiry

Victim of sexual abuse by school janitor
Racism incidents increase in Norfolk schools

Former pupil sues over school bullying

South Africa
A teenager attempted suicide this week after she was allegedly kicked and flogged by the owner of a private school in Mpumalang
Call for corporal punishment in schools

Cefups’ Swazi pupil attempts suicide so that other parents could get to know that pupils were being beaten and ill-treated at the school by the authorities.

Suicide school silence 4 teenagers from the same school have killed themselves in the past 5 months
Paedophile admits boys' school abuse


Silence in school rape case

Teacher Arrested On Sex Abuse Charges

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