Thursday, 30 October 2008

Procesaron a profesor por el abuso de niños en una escuela

Susto en la Escuela Anexa

Australia: Teacher attacked in string of violent acts at Flinders Peak Secondary College
St Peter's teacher mum sacked for kissing student

South Africa: Pupil suspended after stabbing
Man rapes pupil in school toilets, walks away

Brasil: Aluno degola professor em universidade chinesa

Canada: Two teens arrested after gun spotted in Malton school
Teacher charged with sexual assault of student

México: Desalojan a 330 alumnos de escuela primaria por intoxicación

Philippines: Teacher arrested for molesting boys

Portugal: Alunos em greve contra a violência: "a gota-d’água foi o esfaqueamento de um aluno à porta da escola há uma semana."

UK: School place spying could stop
Boy paralysed in school accident
'Chink' row teacher is suspended
Teacher ‘left in tears’ after pupil’s attacks

U.S.A.:Florida Teen Raped in High School Bathroom
Teen Gets 16 Months In Prison For Taking Gun To School
Girl, 11, fatally injured at school
Students Arrested For Cocaine At School
Teacher accused of assaulting 3 students
Rape, kidnapping charged in high school hazing
Janitors attacked at Vallejo schools
Student, 60, arrested after gun fires at school
Bomb threat empties Sharon elementary school
School Pressured to Fire Teacher Who Performed Strip Tease for Students
Dallas teacher accused of smoking crack while driving
Charge: Drama Teacher had Sex with 3 Boys
Teacher Calls Students "Filthy Animals," Gets Fired
10-year-old arrested for shooting toy gun at teacher
Music teacher arrested after allegation of lewd acts with boy

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